Technology Chairperson

Contact the Technology Chairperson

  • Appointed by the Area Chairperson.
  • Voting member in Area Assembly; no vote in Area Committee.
  • Registered with GSO as the contact person for Technology needs.
  • Chairs the Area Technology Committee.
  • Conducts workshops at summer and winter Area Workshops and as requested at Groups and Districts.

Please refer to A.A. Guidelines on the Internet available at for additional information on Technology.

Technology Committee Purpose and Definition

To help carry the message and promote unity, awareness and understanding of the use of Technology in AA within the guidelines of the Twelve Traditions and encourage responsible use in SWTA68.

 Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with Area Chair and Webmaster for all technology based services, including webmaster duties (as outlined in the Service Structure and Procedure Manual and SWTA 68 Web Guidelines).
  • Communication:
    • Conduct Workshops at Area Assemblies
    • Conduct Special Workshops and/or presentations upon request within SWTA68
    • Raise awareness of existing AA policy and guidelines regarding technology:
      • GSO’s Terms of Use Policy
      • AAWS and Grapevine Copyrights
      • Internet Guidelines
      • Tradition 11 includes the internet
    • Keep SWTA68 informed about how current and new technology is being used throughout the AA service structure
  • Coordinate AV / Hardware / Software support for Area Trusted Servants