About Us

The Southwest Texas Area, extending from Del Rio and Ozona on the west, to Wharton and Giddings on the east, from Coleman and Brownwood on the north, and from Brownsville on the south, does, and will continue to function as a service body, always protecting and respecting the autonomy and the privilege of dissent of any AA group in the Area.
The Area Assembly will always be mindful of the ideals expressed in the Twelve Traditions, the Twelve Concepts, and the A.A. Service Manual, and try to be the voice and group conscience of the Area.
Service to the Area Districts and Area Groups is its primary purpose. Every attempt will be made to encourage all area groups to participate and support the Area Assembly, the General Service Office, and AA World Services.
It shall be the responsibility of the Area Assembly to elect an Area Delegate to the General Service Conference, and an Alternate Area Delegate, and the required Area Assembly Officers, and to give financial support to the Area Delegate as required to perform the duties of the office.